“We have worked with Adam for over a year now and we’ve found his copywriting skills a perfect fit for our white label business needs. He knows his field, researches well and produces perfect copy each time we commission him. Adam comes highly recommended from me and my team and we will continue to collaborate with him long into the future”
~ Mark Withers, Studioworx, UK

Below is a brief run down of my/our services. I generally work more on retainers and larger projects now rather than the odd piece of work here and there. I’m also looking to form long-lasting relationships and partnerships where possible. 

Rates will vary. There are no 2 projects the same and all have to be priced accordingly, so please contact me for more info.

Try going to Starbucks and asking “how much is a coffee?” and see what happens. You’ll likely be launched down a rabbit hole of spiel and wacky options. Even something as apparently simple as a hot drink appears to have all kinds of permutations, so expect far more when it comes to unique and sparkling content!

And remember, it’s all about value. You pay for what the words bring to the table, the results they achieve, rather than some arbitrary figure of time spent or how much another guy charges.

Important points:

  • A 50% payment is required up front for all work (or the 1st payment on a retainer), as is standard in the industry. The only exception would be if we’re just starting out with a small piece of work to see if we’re a good fit or we have a specific agreement in place.
  • I’m unable to provide any free samples/trials. Over and above what you can see on this site, I can send examples of client work via email. What we can do is start off with a small project (ie. one or two articles, no deposit required), before we launch into big project mode.
  • All dollar users generally pay in USD unless otherwise requested. So those in Australia, NZ, Canada will be charged in USD or the current equivalent in their own currency if preferred. I also work with GBP and EUR.
  • I’m happy to make edits as required until we get it right (although it’s rarely needed 😉 ). There will be boundaries to this which we will agree on before starting the project.

Please email for specific quotes along with details of services not listed.

You can also check out some sample work here and have a little look and see what other happy campers are saying right here!

Blog posts & Articles

Most commonly 600-800 word high quality, juicy and SEO optimised (where required) for your blog or elsewhere. Feel free to ask about shorter and longer pieces.

In-depth Guides & Whitepapers

A 5000 word authoritative, thought leadership, deeper piece delving in to a subject area to educate your readers. Again, shorter/longer pieces are available.

Web Copy 

This is a deeply subjective area and costs are dependant on numerous factors.

One thing I will say about web copy is that it is not the same as an article or blog post so it is not charged at the same rate. For me or by anyone else – not a professional anyway. Let’s just get that out the way now!

This is your ‘shop front’ and the most important part of your business, especially the Home & About pages.  These pages are specifically designed to sell or get people to take an action in one way or another.

A blog post needs to be engaging for sure and there’s always an element of leading people in a certain direction, but the words on a static page of your site make the difference between your success or lack of it!

Coaching & Consulting

This is more for my personal coaching clients – other writers, up and coming business owners, ‘wantrepreneurs’ and the like. I have a separate page for this if you would like to find out more.

Especially interesting for those looking to improve their English… as a TEFL qualified and experienced teacher, we can combine the 2 for a poweful punch!

Social Media & Community Management

Social media set-up and community management.


These can be great as a give away or to set you up as an authority, increase brand awareness and all that great stuff.

Editing & Proofreading

This could be anything from full service editing to basic proofreading.


English to Spanish and vice versa.
German and Italian coming soon.


This isn’t an exhaustive list but should give you a good idea of what we can do for you. Any questions, ideas, clarification or to invite me for a caña, feel free to give me a shout!