“The worst that can happen isn’t crashing and burning, it’s accepting terminal boredom as the tolerable status quo”
~ Tim Ferriss

So, how did this come about? What’s this Fortress you speak of and how do we escape and thrive?!

Great questions! In a nutshell, this site and how it came about is essentially about living life on our own terms and not being bound by anyone or anything, enabling an enjoyable and enriching life.

There is far more to it of course but that’s the idea. It’s about doing work that you love and that YOU choose, spending time how YOU choose. It could be quitting your job and pursuing more meaningful, interesting, rewarding ventures. It could simply be improving your current position.

Most of all, it’s about having fun and structuring life in such a way where you maximise enjoyment and minimise the nonsense.

[How? Some useful resources here]

Maybe it’s pursuing a hobby or interest as a career or maybe adjusting your schedule to allow more time for said hobbies and interests… or more time with friends and family.

I hesitate to use the term ‘lifestyle design’ as it has been done to death and that’s not really what we’re about although there is an element of that.

¡The Fortress!


The Fortress here is symbolic as well as practically literal. It’s something that keeps us locked in. This doesn’t necessarily refer to your job although that is the biggest time and energy suck there is due to the amount of time spent and influence on you physically and mentally. Due to the monetary system being what makes the world tick over, then this aspect is a somewhat important.

It could be anything that keeps you trapped or is holding you back from a great life like relationships or a psychological comfort zone constraint.

In a previous job, “The Fortress” was my ‘affectionate’ term for my department at work. Mainly due to my then ‘boss’ making reference to “holding the fortress” on a few occasions and it went from there. Becoming “Fortress Free” was a concept me and a colleague joked about and leaving the company for more suitable endeavours.  

So of course, I decided to make a business out of it. As you do.

Let me clear. Personally, I HATE working for someone else and it is no way to live your life. Absolutely terrible. The thought of giving up your time for someone else’s benefit is insane. It really is. It’s also known as slavery. You may think I’m getting carried away but each day you wake up to an alarm clock, report to a virtual stranger (someone you may even dislike), get dished out a few scraps in order for you to keep living and showing up the following day, NEGOTIATING when you can have YOUR free time. Chained to a desk or otherwise confined to a work station. All for what? So you can pay your rent, have a little ‘entertainment’ and buy things you don’t actually want or need to impress your dopey neighbours who are just as bad and on the same hamster wheel. My goodness, people think this is normal and has to stop… or at least be tweaked to our satisfaction. We need to look up, wake up, smell the cookies and get off the wheel!

Even with a ‘great’ boss and colleagues it doesn’t quite work for me (and if you surrounded by not so great people then we really are in trouble).


It’s very tricky to get the golden scenario of great job, boss(es), colleagues, time required, appropriate £$€ conpensation etc. So generally we just settle. Poor effort if you ask me.

I would be happy to work together with a suitable company and on suitable projects on an agreed basis, but never FOR anyone if I can help it. Sometimes it may be necessary but a temporary maneuver in order to move forward is the only acceptable scenario.

I feel particularly strongly and passionate about this. Not everyone feels the same and that’s fine. Not everyone wants or is capable of being an entrepreneur for example and that’s absolutely fine too. Some people enjoy working for others and it suits their lifestyle. And if that’s you then more power to you! It’s just something I haven’t found and I have spoken to many people who feel the same. They just don’t know what to do about it.

They’re paralysed.

But there is hope! I’ve spent a large portion of the last 10+ years exploring how to restore the balance. Many others have too so you’re not alone if you’re looking for another way. A better way.

What we have on this site, as well as being a portal for our writing services, is a place where you can find the resources, ideas and inspiration to get you to where you want to be and have some fun in the process. It won’t be easy…or quick (sorry!) but it is possible and you may even enjoy the process. You’ll certainly grow along the way.

Ultimately, it’s about having fun and getting results. Achieving great things and having a riot in the process!

It’s about tweaking things bit by bit so that each day, each week, each month, each year, you have moved forward a little whilst at the same time taking things a little less seriously.

We’re about making progress and getting results. It’s not a wishy-washy, hippy-trippy kind of deal.

Having said that, it’s not just hard-core, boring, grey, personal development-y type stuff. The emphasis is always, ALWAYS on fun and enjoying the ride!

So please, have a click around, read, subscribe to the blog, check out the free stuff and get involved with a forward thinking tribe of people that can truly get in amongst it and shake things up!

Thanks for reading and being a part of the solution… see you on the Free side of the Fortress! 😉