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As mentioned in the description of this forum, mind & body are inseparable and without our health we are nothing. For a website dedicated to seeking and living in peak state, then this area isn’t only important, but absolutely essential.

Ok, although I do have some knowledge of health & fitness matters, it is by no means my forté nor do I have any training or qualifications on the subject. I know the basics but it would be best left to the professionals for anything further than that.

I do feel that this subject is actually very simple and straightforward. There are no secrets (like most things), just basic laws; cause and affect. There are tips and tricks to aid you on your journey for sure, but strip away all the gimmicks and, as ever, you are left with the bare bones of what make the difference.

Bear in mind that we live in a monetary system, hence the health and fitness industry is controlled by the same as every other – cash and profit. Unfortunately, most don’t have your best interests at heart (sorry to break it to you…there’s no Santa either). This goes wide beyond the health & fitness industry but lets stick to that for now for the sake of this post!

So, who do you trust and who will give it to you straight? The bare essentials to actually obtaining results in efficient time and having a little fun in the process…

Enter: The Circuit Factory


There have recently been some murmurings from Dubai, a ripple of a new movement and shake up of this whole industry.

It’s ran by an old friend of mine, Phil Parkinson, but is not being included here on that basis. Phil is one of the most intelligent and go-getting people I know. He is also an avid truth seeker and has found himself in an industry full of ballshit and wants to shatter the crap and get things on a proper track. I’ll probably do a fuller profile on Phil at some point (as well as get him involved in this forum if possible) but this article is more of an intro to Circuit Factory.

Now, the actual classes are in Dubai. So that will probably count most of you out to go and join in the classes physically. If you are anywhere near there then get involved! Who knows, it may be branched out further afield in the future but for now that’s where it’s at.

But there’s plenty to be gained even if you live elsewhere in the world. Afterall, the problem and concepts addressed are universal. There are diet plans you can follow (not gimmicky fad diets but more a general “eat clean” approach). There are mobile workouts…again no fluff, just a “train hard” and in the right way approach. There are PDFs on the site, videos, case studies, Facebook group & page and much more.

If nothing else there is a blog you should follow along with which not only gives the best advice out there, but also, hilarious in parts. Phil has a knack for presenting things in a humorous and irreverent way…btw, if a few swears or adult references put you off, please don’t read it!

The Truth

They have regular monthly challenges (we like those here!) and more. They have just started a ‘truth’ campaign which should make great waves in the industry and shake things up a bit…not just in the UAE but worldwide.

Here is a link to the blog post discussing that particular campaign –http://circuitfactory.ae/blog/truth/ (and the follow up: Truth: Addendum).

Check out this video (it’s at the bottom of that blog post too):

Great stuff!

So, get involved. If you like what you see and are interested in spreading the message and fighting the good fight then feel free to pass that video on.

Lets talk about food…

Getting yourself to a good exercise class or in some way training hard, regularly is one half of the equation (in fact, some may argue only 20%!). The other side of this coin is food & diet. Not ‘going on a diet’ but generally eating clean and putting the right types of things in to your body in the appropriate amounts at the right time.

The best article I’ve seen on this was on Phil’s original blog. When you think people charge for books, courses and all types of shite and you can get it all from this one article for free. It’s not short, it could be a mini ebook but it’s thorough and it’s right on the mark…

Check it out here: The Definitive Guide To Food

Ok, that about sums it up. This one post probably has everything you’ll ever need. Don’t pay anyone any money for crap, just follow what is in this post and keep abreast of all things Circuit Factory and M2M and you will be just fine!

Wherever you’re at health & fitness-wise you can turn it all around and improve. Just keep on day by day, little by little. Follow the correct advice and more importantly TAKE ACTION on an ongoing and consistent basis and you may reach heights beyond what you thought were possible…

Worth a go anyway!

For the latest, see Food Circus, a great new campaign over at CF!

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