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MAD Musings 9
Madrid, España: Thu 13-Oct-16

Well, it had to happen sooner or later… Mr Marmite himself – Jim Carrey. Now, like Marmite, you either love him or hate him and there’s a great case for both camps.

Personally, I’m a JC fan (the initials are no coincidence 😉 ) overall, but I completely understand those who ‘hate’ him. He’s a bit much and is somewhat of a caricature of himself… a clown… but therein lies his beauty.

It all depends how you view the world but also a matter of timing… what characters were in your life and what role they played as you were growing up. And Jim was definitely a factor in my teens and is still one of my favourites, although I think his value runs a little deeper than silly, rubbery faces.


By rights I shouldn’t have really liked Dumb & Dumber (the name should give us a clue) but it worked at that moment in time and it’s still referenced amongst friends back home. CableGuy is an absolute classic and one of my most watched films… and along with The Office, The Simpsons and Friends, my most quoted or referenced TV. Liar Liar was perfect for him and I often think I’m his character in the The Truman Show (perhaps we all are 😮 ).

I consider myself to have the Jim Carrey gene… along with a healthy helping of David Brent, a bit of Ross and a dash of Homer. These chaps are all welcome on my telly screen.

Jim Carrey commencement speech!

Today isn’t so much about his comedy performances or movies. He is also someone with a bit of a ‘spiritual’ outlook on life which has come more to fruition as he’s aged.

If you look him up on YouTube, you’ll see some of the old stand-up, clips from silly movies, jumping around on couches with Ellen (or was that Tom Cruise? Perhaps both!) but also clips with him and Oprah talking about the law of attraction and other interviews on his philosophies.

I’m going to post a few commencement addresses as part of these musings, where celebrities and important figures give graduation speeches to students.

“It’s better to rick starving to death than to surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?” ~ Jim Carrey

Anyone in to this kind of material will be aware of Steve Jobs’ Stanford address I’m sure. That will be along soon I suspect. There are many more including JK Rowling and a whole host you can find on YouTube.

And here we have our Jimmy himself from a little over 2 years ago, talking to graduates at the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, USA.

You may well have heard little snippets or seen a short clip flying around Facebook so I thought I’d share the whole thing here. A little humour and a whole lot of inspiration for your viewing pleasure. OK, some of it’s a bit ‘Jim Carrey’ but stick with it for the nuggets…

Over to you Jim-lad!

There you have it! As ever, a little more than meets the eye.

This isn’t a full profile on Mr Carrey… I’m sure we’ll revisit his antics at some stage 😉


Probably just the one post next week and the week after as I’m travelling a bit, I’ll look to get them up and out on the Wednesday.

Meanwhile, join us on the Facebook Page as that is where there will be updates, mini musings, links and all kinds of other phenomena.


~ Adam

“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes”
~ Jim Carrey

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