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MAD Musings 8
Madrid, España: Mon 10-Oct-16

We jump straight in with another top TEDdy, a classic word being rinsed to kingdom come, and another fire breathing book…

 TED Talk – Work your body with Amy!

We continue our look at the top TED Talks with number 2 on the currently most viewed list – this little beaut from Amy Cuddy, nestled between Ken Robinson and Simon Sinek on the leaderboard.

If you are familiar with these conferences and talks or are in any way involved in personal development, then you will probably have seen this one. If not – or even if so – here you go…

Dynamite for anyone interested in non-verbal communication, especially as they say it makes up 55% of all communication (smelly words are only 7%, with the other 38% being the tone of voice).

I’m not going to launch in to a full discussion on body language here as Amy covers all that but whether you want to get carried away with power poses or not, it certainly is something worth being aware of.

In obvious cases like a job interview but also how you carry yourself socially. It will impact how people see you and how you interact.

And this isn’t just about a show for other people. You shouldn’t be slumped like a loser when you’re alone either. Naturally confident people project positive body language. Some people have to work at it a little.

Your body affects your mind, and you mind affects your body… they are really an extension of each other anyway.

Currently reading – James Caan

james-caan-bookFollowing on from Duncan Bannatyne, I have moved on to another ‘dragon’. This is another book I already have on my Kindle and read a few years ago so having another look.

As a reminder – these folks were on the UK TV show Dragon’s Den where would-be entrepreneurs pitch to potential millionaire investors. These guys being 2 of them for a time.

Great so far, with some obvious differences from Bannatyne. They have a completely different background for a start. James Caan came over from Pakistan and Duncan Bannatyne is a Scot through and through.

The other major difference I see so far, is when they started achieving their success. Duncan was still pissing about on a beach in Jersey when he was 30 before he ‘got serious’. James was raking it in and managing his own recruitment agency by 19.

So, for me personally I identify more with Duncan’s story. He’s sort of from my country, depending which label you use… although I very much doubt he would want to be called a Brit anymore than me!

(As an aside, the Scottish and Welsh seem quite adamant about their independence, the English generally couldn’t give 2 hoots either way. We’re British when we feel like it… that Andy Murray’s great, always said that 😉 – boring bugger but knows his way around a tennis court.)

But more so as he wasn’t smashing it in his 20s and came to the party a bit later. He blatantly always had the entrepreneurial spirit, it just didn’t come to fruition until further down the track.

I can’t imagine the position James was in at age 30, but I’ll find out soon. James made his money in recruitment on the most part, Duncan initially through ice-cream vending and then care homes and fitness centres amongst other ventures.

Actually, I found James to be a bit boring on the Dragon’s Den show. He was always getting down to the brass tacks of the figures and nothing much more. Very methodical. That makes perfect sense of course as he’s a potential investor, but lacked a little of the gregarious nature of a Peter Jones, say.

Perhaps Peter (who’s been on every series of DD) will be next on my list, not sure about ol’ sourpuss Deborah Meaden though…

One pearl of wisdom that James has lived his life and business by is something his father said:

Observe the masses and do the opposite

Not bad advice…

And here’s a line from James himself:

When you work so hard it’s vital that you enjoy your work; if you’re having fun you perform better and achieve more

Who’d have thought it! 😉

Shit list word of the day


Talking of the word entrepreneur

As well as being difficult to say, read and write (has anyone ever written it correctly first time?!), there’s something else happening with it.

To be fair, this isn’t so ridiculous as the others on the list, just funny to see the development of its use.

Anything -‘preneur

I can see why: the whole entrepreneurial ‘thing’ has taken off (hence shows around the world like referenced above) but you could fill a new dictionary with words using that suffix. And yes, I am guilty of it too!

People are adding their own beginning to suit their marketing angle.

Here are a few:

solopreneur – for those going it alone, this is common in the digital marketing/nomad crowd
wantrepreneur – those that want to become one 😉 I’ve actually used this on this site!
mompreneur – for mums?
fempreneur – sounds like something you should get from the chemist
techpreneur – tecchies!
nursepreneur – bit of a stretch now
freedompreneur – ok, we can get on board with that

You get the idea…

Keep an eye out and you’ll see just how wacky it all gets!


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~ Adam

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