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MAD Musings 7
Madrid, España: Sat 08-Oct-16

We got in to a long-ish one on Wednesday, so we’ll try and keep this fairly brief. T’is Saturday after all. Although, this guy could certainly relate to the education and creativity debate…

The inspiration for today’s post comes courtesy of Mr George Carlin… who was an American stand-up comedian, as well as an actor, social critic and author. It’s that fuse of comedy with social criticism that gets you in to a MADmusing. 😉

He was one of those comedians who was about a lot more than just trying to be funny. Not poncing about like Michael McIntyre, he actually had something to say as well as entertain.


He took a political and philosophical stance on all around him and used his position as a platform. It’s no surprise then that I was lead to his work a few years back by another cult favourite, Bill Hicks. Bill will be the subject – or at least referenced – in a future post I’m sure.

George had a career spanning several decades and there does seem to be a difference in content and style through the years. His earlier stuff was lighter and more family friendly. The era around the clip below, a bit more edgy. And the later stuff a bit angrier and darker again.

George Carlin – Save the planet?!

This clip is actually one of my favourites. As much for his stance on people’s insanity as well as the comedy element. Man’s arrogance about his effect on things far more powerful, that he really doesn’t get a say in, yielding a can of deodorant or not.

Nature will do it’s thing regardless of our input, so it’s always funny to me to hear people twaddle on about all sorts of nonsense. My advice would be to take a look at yourself and adapt accordingly before getting all uptight about green chickens in outer Mongolia.

But anyway, our old mate George puts it far more humourously and eloquently than I could ever hope to do, so I’ll leave it to him to point some things out…

Well, someone had to say it. 😉

Here’s the deal:

Nature will continue to do it’s own thing regardless of us and our actions (or lack of). Of course, we affect the environment and can certainly improve our behaviour towards it, but it’s important to gain a little perspective.

The earth is a self-healing organism. Just like the human body. This means that given time and opportunity both ourselves and the earth will heal completely. This is a fact of nature and science.

For example, your body naturally replenishes itself every few years. Some aspects change daily, others several years but within each decade there’s effectively a brand new you! Seasoned smokers can have the lungs of a smokeless child, and a drinker’s liver can ‘miraculously’ recover.

This isn’t to say you can go mindlessly wild – there’s a stipulation: I think of it a bit like an elastic band… as long as it is able to bounce back, it will given the chance. But if it goes past the point of elasticity and breaks, well, you’re fucked (that’s the official medical term).


Your body will generally tell you what you need to know if you listen to it. You know that hangover? That’s your body reacting to poison and warning you not to do it again. You took the first warning, right? 😉

The ‘good’ news is, if you don’t listen to your body short-term when it gives you a little whisper, it will surely give you a firmer nudge and then an almighty scream in due course.

What do you think the flu is? It’s a break-down of sorts. And a detoxification. Your body hasn’t had sufficient opportunity to function properly over a period of time and it’s forcing you out of the equation for a few days. You literally haven’t got a choice, and neither has your boss, colleagues, friends or family. You may be bed ridden, barely eating etc.

This is great news in a way as it’s an amazing opportunity for the body to rejuvenate, relax and get you back on track. Although it shouldn’t really come to this, it’s doing what it needs to do. It’s very efficient like that.


This is one of the reasons I believe it’s imperative you’re in charge of your time and what you do with it. You can negotiate it as appropriate with those around you but you really can’t operate at your peak or anywhere near it if you have to answer to someone else and their schedule.

You need to be able to adjust your time and activity to your personal needs at a given time. This shouldn’t be a wishy-washy ‘nice to have’ or ‘easy for you to say’ kind of deal but a fundamental requirement for optimal living.

So, the moral of the story… the earth will be fine (it’s a big boy and can look after itself). You’ll be fine. Animals will come and go, let them. We’ll all be gone soon too, it’s just the nature of the beast…

In the mean time, go have a beer and if you like a bit of Georgie Porgie then there’s plenty more of his antics on YouTube!


Ok, so that wasn’t quite so short but hey-ho. And I think I may have been a bit ambitious with the twice a week postings on this blog, but I’ll certainly aim to update it every 4 or 5 days…

Be sure to join us on Facebook… and see you next week!

~ Adam

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