Happy quarter of the year! Hope you’re having a smasher in 2017 so far and building upon the whimsical 2016 with all its wacky ways.

I thought it about time I got my little typey fingers back on this blog and get things moving again with these MADmusingsΒ (ie. musings from Madrid). The first few months of the year have flown by in not so much of a blaze of glory, but passed nonetheless (weird how that keeps happening πŸ˜‰ ). There were a few housekeeping bits to take care of… quite literally as I’ve moved in to a new flat.

The thing about being ‘FortressFree’ isn’t just about work, although that does of course play a large part in your freedom or lack of it. Your living situation would be on a level footing as that is where you spend most of your time. Especially if you work from there too!

Consequently, it’s important to have my own place as is probable for most adults over a certain age. Doesn’t have to be the Ritz (for now) but my own space… a place where there isn’t someone else’s washing swishing around in the machine when it’s ‘your’ designated time or some berk faffing about when you’re trying to cook eggs.

I actually have reason to believe I was living in some sort of half-way house for OCD sufferers (and yes, that’s coming from someone who’s no stranger to excessive tap touching and slightly odd walking habits). So no more Light Switch LeonardΒ or Slammy Steve and we can all avoid me putting on one of my infamous door closing training seminars.

So, just getting settled in to my new humble abode. The neighbours are a little special, so we’ll see how that pans out…

Also, I’ve been concentrating more on client work as that is where the money is at. I’ve not been able to work as hard as I would have liked so I’m going to be stepping up my game on that score.

As for this blog; it’s good for a routine, to help with focus and may help with business over the long-term. It’s also a portal to update folks of my various antics and may even provide something useful or entertaining for the dear reader.

My plan is to update more regularly, with shorter posts and the emphasis being on Madrid, travel/adventure in general, with the occasional freelance tips and inspiring videos thrown in for good measure. Any way we can find and add humour, all the better!

Time to get me running shoes out the cupboard again, got a little charity 5k on Sunday in the name of Carrera por la EsperanzaΒ – race for hope! Let’s just hope I finish πŸ˜‰

See ya!

~ Adam

2 thoughts on “MM #(20)17: Moving and a-musing

  1. Congrats on your fortress upgrade (i.e having your own place)! ;). It is an amazing experience indeed. Don’t be like me though, and bear in mind getting yourself some curtains.

    Is the 5k on Sunday already? :O. Here I go again, why would I need prep for! As far as your humble “hope” goes, c’mon!!! The last 10k was an easy ride for you, so just “hoping to finish” the 5k is not good enough!

    1. Thanks Idoia! Yes, a new Home Fortress πŸ˜‰
      I don’t have much in the way of windows so should be ok for curtains… although perhaps I’ll get some in 5 years πŸ˜›

      Haha, yes… my real hope is for a decent time although I have no idea what that is, so we’ll see! And I expect you to be right there alongside me again so use these days wisely πŸ˜‰ . In fact, I’ve just got back from a 5k+ ….walk… along with my go-fast racing haircut. The Chinese guy went a bit wild with the razor again but I’ll be much more streamline and aerodynamic around Casa de Campo!

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