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Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17?

Travis pondered that.

Irrelevant in this instance, however, ol’ 2 season Madrid delivered us a nice rainy one last Sunday. No jacket required during the day in the weeks leading up but a nice spot of precip come race day.

But it didn’t dampen our spirits. Oh no. Not to be perturbed, we rocked the roads regardless 😉

Yes, I took part in my first 10k ever at the weekend! Getting to the start line was goal number 1. Finishing the race without stopping/walking was the next. Mission accomplished.


It was like watching Mo Farah out there… if Mo was white and looked like a blue drowned rat.

Other than not being able to walk for a day or so after, it was all fairly straightforward. Especially as my ‘training’ consisted of going for a walk in my running shoes and having lemon in my beer.

I’ve also only actually ran twice in my life I think – in this manner I mean… I’ve played sports in my time, do a fair bit of walking and a little in the way of bodyweight exercises… but other than chasing the 52 bus up the street, this was it.

Never been a fan. It’s quite common for people to take up running a little later in life, ie. late thirties and beyond. I am now in my 30s (sufficient) so perhaps this is where it kicks in…


The worst part for me was waiting around at the start. I don’t like hanging about at the best of times… but in the rain and cold, slightly apprehensive about the race, hideously underprepared in every way. Plus, the start time was later than originally planned, so I had practically given up on life whilst waiting. The drums helped with the atmosphere but less so as time ticked by.

It was like being back at school all over again. Precious memories came flooding back of “East Devon’s”, standing at the start of the 400 metres (how did that even happen) and Mr Wake telling me to run at full speed from the start and hold on. Not such great advice. Leading after 200 metres, sure, but one by one those buggers ran past me as I nearly collapsed in the home straight in front of the adoring crowd. The worst part was, I almost qualified for the final by mistake. But I digress…


This particular race though, was for entrepreneurs, companies and other organisations, schools etc and those associated with them. It’s called Carrera de los Emprendedores (race of the entrepreneurs) and organised by Fundación Créate to promote values, attitudes and skills through educational innovation. All the benefits of the race are entirely for educational centres in the Community of Madrid and this was its 6th year.

I teamed up with Serendipitymad, an exciting and ridiculously useful new startup ran by a good friend of mine. In short, they are a personal assistant service specialising in helping those at risk of social exclusion, but services the wider community as well. Anything you need, look no further!

As for me, I’m already thinking about the next 10k and shooting for a time,  and potential half-marathons etc in the future. I’ve always quite fancied a triathlon, although I’ll probably need to learn to swim properly first. They say it’s like riding a bike… no wait, that’s the other bit. Back to walking at a leisurely pace for now though…

Anyway, something to do of a Sunday morn 😉


~ Adam


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