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Another little digit has just clicked round on the age clock. On Tuesday I progressed even further into my late twenties. The kind that doesn’t have a 2 in it… and may even lack a 3 in a few years.

I’m not going to pontificate or launch into a cheesy birthday reflections post… every blogger does that, including me, but not today…

It’s also the start of a new month, so to mark the occasion, and to honour the fact the planet has also almost completed another circuit… it’s time for a new challenge.

#FF30 – November challenge

[See this post for some background]

OK, I didn’t get too far with the Snapchat challenge last month, but I’ll get back to that. It’s not a priority but something I could use as a tool as well as have some fun with in due course. Doing it in October was slightly out of sequence and I’ll aim to hit the social media in one fell swoop in the new year. Instagram will be targeted a bit more too. Although, a part of me wants to quit social media completely, so we’ll see what happens!

I was thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this month, which stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place every November. It’s essentially writing a novel (or the basis of it) in 30 days. Obviously it may be a bit haphazard but the point is you make a commitment to writing a certain number of words a day. You’ve completed the challenge if you’re able to hit the target. It’s unlikely you’ll have a masterpiece (or even complete) at the end but you will have something you can expand on and learn a lot along the way.

However… I’m not really prepared to commit to it right now and it’s already under way, perhaps next year. Another idea was to use NaNoWriMo, not to write a novel but to work on a comedy script as that is something I would like to do, so now would be as good a time as any. As it stands though, I will do this off my own back in due course.

So what are you doing then silly boy?

I have various notes scattered around, not least in my Google Docs for projects, ideas and the like. One folder is a comedy folder. One doc within said folder is a bunch of random ideas collated over a period of time. There’s about 70 pages of this crap (careful Ratner!).

It’s essentially little observations and ideas that could be used for comedic purposes; snippets for potential scripts and sketches. A lot of it could be expanded upon for stand-up material, although I’m not sure I’d be wanting to do that myself but I could at least write for others. Although, they may well butcher it, so if a job’s worth doing…

I’ve been through that particular doc a couple of times… laughed a bit, wondered WTF?! a few times and was downright confused at others. Granted, it’s funny for me as I know the reference but it may or may not be interesting to anyone else.

There’s a fair amount of gobbledegook, BUT, potentially a few gems. Bear in mind just one sentence in that doc could turn into an idea which could turn in to something grander. It’s about connecting the dots and seeing where it leads!

The other interesting thing is to notice themes. When you have nearly 80 pages of something there are a few things that are repeated. Sometimes almost word for word, other times the general principle is echoed. And then, larger themes that connect together.

So whilst I have no real idea if these ramblings can be used productively, I will set about organising it all to give it the best chance.

My idea for this month is to go through and organise it a little. Not only that, expand on some of the best and common entries.

A while back I wrote a couple of mini ‘bits’. A ‘bit’ in this context being a piece of performance by a comedian. I’ll aim to write one of these each day for the rest of the month and the first few days of December. How they end up being used (if at all) is something I’ll figure out later but for now just get things moving and into a rhythm.

Considering that’s principally what I want to be doing in life, then I’m sure I’ll continue onwards until I get bored, if that happens. That will hone my craft and I’ll have a constant supply of content, which can be expanded, adapted, improved, spark off new ideas etc.

Jerry Seinfeld wrote a joke every day and put an X on the calendar to mark it done. Just one little joke, but each and every day. This is the key. Seinfeld was (and is) hugely successful and many others will attest to this method: consistency over intensity

How much I write is irrelevant. One day it could just be 50 words but if I’m happy with it then the day is done. Another day I might get carried away and do 2000+. More likely I’ll fall somewhere in the 500 word range.

I may deviate slightly and write some sort of other content as I see fit. For example, I want to keep to a weekly posting with these blogs and may write some articles for Medium amongst other things… but that’s the basis of the challenge.

I’ll update the Facebook Page as we go. Do go over and ‘Like’ if you haven’t already as I’ll be sharing many more wondrous delights!

~ Adam

“Got a proper job at 28. Gave it up to try comedy at 38. Decided to get fit and healthy at 48. It’s never too late. But do it now” ~ Ricky Gervais

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