A couple of my books, free to download. Semi-autobiographical with personal growth tips galore!


Book # 1: Take The Red Pill, Quit The Quo!


  • The Status Quo. We discuss what it is, what we think about it and ways to break that mould.
  • My Story. A little more info on me. Who is the writer of this book and what is his game?!
  • The Dream Chasing Paradox. My favourite chapter of the book and the underlying battle of what we are about.
  • The strong need for decisive action and clear priorities.
  • DAP. It’s an acronym…the first letter stands for discipline!
  • Persistence and honey badgers.
  • We discuss the fear of criticism and stopping it in its tracks
  • The concept of Kaizen.
  • The Pro Quo Brigade. Who they are, how they roll and my affectionate nicknames for them.
  • Karma.
  • Rally Call!
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Book # 2: Taking The Red Pill… The Next Level!


  • Welcome & update. We pick up where we left off and continue on our jolly juggeranut!
  • Routines & habits. My thoughts on them and how best to use them to your advantage.
  • The perfectionism plague. We discuss this cheeky progress stifler and ways to beat it.
  • Gossips & whingers. The bane of mine and your life…remove and destroy!
  • Gratitude & reframing. Appreciating what you have and framing all things positively.
  • Fear fairies. Once again, we tackle the subject of fear, an all too important subject.
  • Simplifying, minimizing, becoming Zen! Minimise your life to the maximum! Simplify, become Zen, om 😉
  • You are not normal! You and I are ‘different’. Embrace and celebrate!
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More to come! 😉