“Adam is always willing to take a variety of content and copy requirements for different industries, and consistently delivers on time with high quality work”
~ Matt Goolding, Zest Digital, UK

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Now, I’d like to introduce you to our esteemed Founder, Creative Director & tea boy… think Don Draper fused with Ricky Gervais… and a little Robbie Williams thrown in and you get the idea. Adam isn’t generally one to speak in the 3rd person so I’ll stop that right now and have a little chat me to you. 😉

MonkeyBoyOriginally from Devon in the south-west of England, I escaped on a rogue tractor to the ‘muy bonito’ city of Madrid, Spain where I have been based for the last few years. I now share my time between the 2 as well as additional travel escapades where I can!

I’ve been writing for many years in one way or another and have a certain eye for what works… a big picture player and a devil for the detail.

My principle interests are in the areas of travel, personal growth and health & fitness. Where I can tie these things together I will do.

In particular the more ‘niche’ festivals and events that take place in Spain and beyond are what I enjoy learning and writing about whilst taking a ‘human interest’ and irreverent angle rather than straightforward facts and figures.

Over the years, I have developed strong skills in digital marketing. Both in online marketing itself and writing about it. Mainly through necessity as I wanted (needed) to learn along with it being such a big  and expanding topic that a lot of companies want info and ask for content on.

I’ve worked with companies and individuals across the globe, from Los Angeles to Auckland and everything in between. As I’m from the UK, I mainly have UK clients but I have also worked with many happy clients from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand… and a few in Spain which I’m hoping to add to as we go.

You can check out some of my exploits right here on the blog. This will give you an idea of my writing style along with my personal ethos and that of this site. I’ll happily send a few client samples over if you want to see an example on a particular topic. Be sure to check out my books and what others are saying too!

Currently, I work with 3 main writers who help support my work. They are freelancers themselves and people who I hold in high esteem having produced for me time and time again. I don’t just outsource willy-nilly, only with people who display quality, reliability and spice. It depends on workload along with who is more suitable for a particular project. I always run through any work with a fine tooth comb to make sure it measures up to the FF Secret Sauce standard!

In the future, I will be expanding this team but keeping it at a manageable level. I am always interested to hear from talented writers and other creatives… so if that’s you feel free to get in contact! But remember, QRS!

My professional background also lies in property, insurance, energy, sales and recruitment. More recently I have been involved as a participant and a coordinator of language immersion programs in Spain.

I completed a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) in Prague, Czech Republic and have done my fair share of travel… although always itching for more. Thailand is a favourite along with Italy being up there too!

The blog itself follows my own exploits in work and play. Primarily based on the happenings in and around Madrid as well as my ongoing pursuit of freedom and adventure which will also hopefully help those on a similar path.

I also bloody love comedy and appreciate the more humourous aspects of existence!

Get involved… and see what we have to offer!