MeLisbonEver asked these questions? I certainly have and it’s a pain in the ass.

As a business owner trying to make some headway in the modern era, 2 things are for sure – you can’t do everything yourself and you need to stand out from the crowd.

Finding quality, trustworthy and reliable people to work with… people to trust with your baby… your living, your passion, your legacy. Like a baby, your projects and business need to be nourished, fed, encouraged, given life and developed in the most positive way.

Adam has been fantastic in providing us with well researched and professionally written blog articles on a variety of topics. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending him!” ~ Robert Kramers, E-Koncept Ltd., NZ

How can you sell anything – a product, an idea, yourself – without inspiring and engaging words, carefully handpicked to convey a point and draw out an emotion that will ultimately lead to an action that we all feel good about?

The most important feature for the telling of stories and the spreading of messages in business and in life, is words. Words on a page are the link that convey the ideas you hold in your mind over to another in a way you wish them to be read and interpreted. A tricky and fascinating process and if you get these wrong, you ain’t goin’ nowhere.

No-one will see you… no-one will care if they do. It’s the most important tool in your arsenal. As such, you need people on board who know what they are doing and how to turn a phrase.

If you have worked with writers in the past, you will know this. If you haven’t, then I’ll tell you a dirty secret right now to save you some time and stress.

Many writers (not all, some are amazing) are fly-by-nights, chancers and out for a quick buck. You have your own deadlines to meet, perhaps for a client or for yourself to stick to a timeline, and the last thing you want is to be chasing Mia (missing in action).

It happens I’m afraid, freelancers not communicating effectively, missing deadlines and effectively leaving you in the proverbial dog turd.

And once you finally do hear from our old mate Mia (if you do at all), it’s too late and there’s bad blood. And how many family emergencies, bad internet and sickness can a person have? They need to see a doctor, an internet specialist and perhaps a shaman to get to the bottom of this curse.

It’s the most frustrating part of my life (along with chasing clients for pay up time, but that’s another story 😉 )

You just don’t need it in your life and if you can get that part running smoothly then you can sit back and enjoy the ride! Well, almost.

Quality copy is important. But, what is quality? A wishy-washy and subjective word. Nowadays you need something more than quality alone.

You need spice. And lots of it.

Something with a little bit of edge. Oh, and a little thing called personality. A brand. Something that sets you apart from Joe Shmoe over there who is essentially doing the same thing. Not forgetting Joanna Shmoanna either with her remarkably similar version.

Everything you do needs to fit your message. You cannot scrimp on your writing. If you can and want to do it all yourself then that’s great and makes a lot of sense if you have the time and inclination. You can also outsource the work to all manner of places, from the sublime to the ridiculous and every bit of weirdness in between.

There are sites you can go to where you may get a ‘decent’ article and for a ‘reasonable’ rate. That’s great if you want your company to be known as ‘decent and reasonable’. Not emphatic, exceptional, or exciting. Just fine.

Is that what they’ve always said about Apple and why people queue up for hours in the rain overnight to get a slightly newer version of a piece of plastic in order to be one of the first? Is that what you want your date telling their friends… “he was decent and reasonable, nice enough”… score! You’ve just got yourself a new ‘friend’ but you won’t be swinging from the bedroom chandeliers any time soon.

Hint: anyone can do ‘average’. That’s the whole point of the word… but who enters a slightly wider and impressive realm?

You may also want to be prepared to do a little editing, especially if a non-native speaker (at a ‘better’ rate) has put together something that would make Google Translate cry. Then there’s all the back and forth and pleasure – or lack of – during the process.

Getting a dog and barking yourself springs to mind. Woof!

How much do you value your time? I mean really… what is really important to you, ultimately?

So, you need overall quality, reliability and communication… in a beautiful soup with the elusive exotic spices and a dash of rare and precious secret sauce.

And that tasty touch of tang, if you haven’t guessed already, comes with us – FortressFree!

We are an agency specialising in writing inspiring, uplifting, quirky English words for convention kicking startups, free thinkers and adventure seekers! From long form sales letters, through engaging blog posts, to short and snappy social media postings.

It’s for those with an adventurous spirit, a humourous outlook, and a drive for ‘something more’. For those who are quite frankly a little bit bored and figuratively (and sometimes literally) banging their head against their laptop.

Start the process

Esmeralda! The machines!


Did you know that technology, great as it is, is taking over? I mean to the extent where a lot of what we do now will be done by machines. This is amazing in a sense… we can get rid of all the crappy tasks and get a robot to do it. However, this also means that many of the jobs that are done by humans will be obsolete in the coming years.

There was a feature on the radio recently on this very subject. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. In fact it is happening right now. Everything is becoming automated. This may be bad news for some, but not necessarily for others.

There may well be a limit to what machines can do and where there may need human input. Whether you can program emotions into robots and have them act with consciousness and learn from their actions and thoughts is a much deeper discussion.

But with all the standard crap you see written out there right now, it will be a long long time before a thousand monkeys or a thousand machines can really express ideas on a deep, emotional level.

Long story short, you will always need good writing and it is ultimately a hugely unique and subjective medium. Every word written is entirely different to what another human would produce with the same brief.

There are no 2 people the same on the planet, not now, not ever. Everyone has a collection of different experiences and world view that contribute to a uniquely personal piece of prose.

And that is what we want to display to your customers, employees, friends, family and associates… and that’s exactly what we’ll do.

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